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Experience the future of driving and inspire others to travel electric.

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What are evee Adventures?

evee Adventures are real travel experiences, documented and captured by our community of creatives. Through their words and photo/video content, our creatives get to share their adventures and experiences of driving in our electric vehicles, inspiring others to try out EVs for themselves.

If you want to be a part of the evee-lution, grab your camera, meet your evee Host and and get out on the road!

Why become an evee Creator?

Get that electric feel, enjoy creative freedom and share your story.

Drive electric

As a member of our creative community, we’ll provide you with one of our electric cars (close to your location) to travel in and so you can document your adventure.

Creative freedom

We trust our creatives and keep our briefs simple – so there are many ways in which you can be creative with the content you produce.

Inspire others

We are on a mission to accelerate electric vehicle adoption to support a cleaner future for all. By creating work that will inspire others to drive EVs – renters will travel more sustainably and in turn will increase the number of people purchasing EVs in Australia.

Grow as a creative

We’re passionate about connecting our community with other like-minded sustainable adventurers. We want to help you build industry connections whilst also enabling you to create an eclectic portfolio of content.

How it works

Join the evee community, choose your electric adventure and share your experience

Join the community

Submit this form and show us your content portfolio. If we think you’re a good fit with our brand, we’ll be in contact.

Lock in your experience

Alongside the evee team, you’ll get to choose an electric adventure depending on availability, location of the car etc. You’ll be able to drive the car for a 24 hour rental period.

Capture your adventure

And we’re on! Read the brief, contact the Host for handover details and be free to create. Watch as the content of your adventure inspires people to drive electric and travel more sustainably!